2-day lottery numbers – Concepts to help you play the lottery unbeaten

The 2-day lottery frame is a method most widely used by many lottery players on the market today. However, to increase the highest winning rate, you need to have a suitable strategy. To find out more information, read expert articles Lottery hii88 Below now!

Explanation of the White Hand lotteries in the 2-day frame

For those new to the lottery field, terms related to lotteries are often confusing and complicated. In simplified terms, this is choosing a number and playing it over a 2-day period.

If that number appears on either day of the lottery cycle, you are considered a winner. However, achieving continuous wins is not easy and often requires support from prediction tools.

Benefits of applying Bach Thu lotteries 2-day frame

Among the many playing methods such as cross lotteries, spread lotteries, or rotating lotteries, 2-day frame lotteries are still favored by a large number of players. The main reason is because this way of playing is relatively simple to participate in Hi88 Register to receive 88K. Beginners can participate with only a small amount of capital, even just a few hundred thousand dong.

An undeniable attraction is the value of the prize, with the amount of money when winning the white lottery number being very large. Regardless of which day you choose in the 2-day cycle, you can profit with our recommended bet division. This can be considered a supplementary betting method to ensure safety when participating in other lottery tables.

How to enter money and manage capital in the 2-day lottery frame

Each player will have a different amount of investment, so there are many different ways to divide the bet. However, an important rule is to follow the double rule when growing lots and not change the numbers during the growing cycle. We would like to suggest the three most popular ways to split bets today.

Betting strategy at 1:2 double ratio

This is a suitable choice for those who play the 2-day lottery but have little capital. If the winning number falls on one of the two days, you will stop right at that day, specifically:

  • Day 1: Bet 10 points and have a capital of 10 x 23,000 = 230,000 VND. If the number you choose wins on the first day, the profit is 570k.
  • The second day, continue playing with the selected number with 20 points, equivalent to investing 460,000 VND. Total capital spent on both days is 690k. If the winning number is on the second day, the profit can be up to 1,140k or 2,510k if consecutively won.

Betting strategy at 1:3 double ratio

The 2-day lottery method with a ratio of 1:3 is considered a suitable strategy for investors with a larger amount of investment capital. To implement this method, you need to trust the pair of numbers that is most likely to explode. Although investing at this rate can bring large profits, it also requires a fairly high amount of capital.

  • On the first day, you will bet 10 points, equivalent to spending 460,000 VND. If the lot comes back, you will earn a profit of 340,000 VND.
  • On the second day, continue to bet with 30 points, equivalent to a capital investment of 1,380,000 VND. If the lot comes with 1 win, you will earn a profit of 560,000 VND. However, if the lot does not come back, the player will lose an amount of 920,000 VND.

Betting strategy at 1:5 fold ratio

This method is suitable for those who raise Bach Thu in a 2-day frame with a large amount of investment capital. With this ratio, if the winning number is on the 2nd day, the interest earned will be higher:
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  • First day: If you bet 10 points, equivalent to 460k capital. If the winning number is on the first day, the profit earned is 340k or 1,140k if consecutively won.
  • Day 2: Continue farming with 50 points, capital is 2,300k. Total capital for both days is 2,760k. If the winning number is on Monday, the profit can be up to 1,240k.

With all three of these strategies, you need to consider how much money you can invest before deciding what betting odds to apply to ensure reasonableness.

Instructions on how to raise Bach Thu in 2 days

Here are the tips from the experts soi 366 Research about Bach Thu lotteries 2-day frame:

How to predict Bach Thu lottery numbers for 2 days according to special prizes

The 2-day lottery prediction method based on special prizes is one of the most effective ways to raise lottery numbers today, besides the daily lottery method.

The process of implementing this method is very simple: Players only need to look at the results table of the previous day to determine the order of the special prize numbers and the corresponding number ranges. Next, you synthesize these series of numbers together and continue adding 2 adjacent numbers. Players just need to take that number and reverse it, then use it to play lottery within 2 days. 

When using silver, remember to check the lottery number for 2 days

Lottery memory is a large store of knowledge about lottery numbers and how they are related to each other. Recognizing the signs of memory loss is often very easy and can be applied immediately. Here are some examples of Northern lottery memory:

  • The number 89 is often combined with 69, 96 or 88. 
  • The number 55 is often combined with 66 or 99. If the number 45 appears, the next day you can play number 12. 
  • If number 10 appears, the next day you can play number 32. 
  • If lot number 48 appears, the next day you can play lot number 09. 
  • If number 05 appears, there is a possibility that number 50 appears the next day.
  • If number 20 appears, there is a possibility that number 18 appears the next day.

There are many other ways to choose from, but just by applying these methods, you can eat octopus all year long.

Predict Bach Thu lottery for 2 days according to beginning 0 ending 0

The method of raising the Bach Thu frame by starting 0 and ending 0 is a popular technique in the lottery playing community. To implement this method, players often compile lottery results for a week from the results table. When the number 0 appears in the middle, this is an important sign and should not be ignored.

This shows that there is a possibility that the Bach Thu lottery will have a head or tail of 0 in the next draws. However, it should be remembered that this is for reference only and does not guarantee accurate results, because lottery is a game of chance.

For example: If the jackpot result is 10047, it can be predicted that the next day, the white lottery number may have a head or tail of 0 including: 10, 01, 20, 02 30, 03, 40 , 04, 50, 05, 60, 06, 70, 07, 80, 08, 90 and 09.


The experiences about 2-day lottery numbers shared above can help people strengthen their methods of playing online lottery. However, to achieve the best results, you should refer to other tips and tricks, shared on our website. Hi88 Please!