Dragon Tiger New88 – The Game That Will Make The Year 2024

In recent times, casino has always been the top choice of red and black enthusiasts. With the appeal and rewards brought by Dragon Tiger, the game has become a storming name in the market. If you also want to experience this interesting game, let’s first explore the most basic information about dragons – tiger!

What is Dragon Tiger? Basic terminology in the game

Dragon & Tiger is the international name of this popular game. Dragon Tiger is an online card game that is popular with many bettors in the Asian market. The number of players participating every day at reputable bookmakers is up to hundreds of thousands. Especially with Cambodia, because this is the origin of the game, this country has the highest number of gamers. To date, most online casinos feature this game.

Dragon – Tiger game contains a great attraction not only because of its simple gameplay. The established rules are also extremely easy to understand. Above all, the game also helps participating gamers make money quickly. Because this game often has high payouts. Cod can be said to be a bonus that is multiplied right in one bet.
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Terminology in the game Dragon & Tiger:

  • Dragon: Meaning Dragon – is a door in the game that is often designed in red.
  • Tiger: It is Tiger – also the other green door in the game. 
  • Tie: Refers to Tie – a main bet and located in the middle of the betting table. 
  • Dealer: This term refers to the person who deals the cards and manages the bets on behalf of the house. 
  • Player: A term to refer to players. 

Instructions for new players to play Dragon Tiger

Anyone can participate Dragon Tiger game, players need to clearly understand the predetermined rules of the game. That way you can confidently bet money and increase your chances of winning. 

  • Draw bet: With this bet, the player will choose a bet with a win rate of 1 to 8. When you place that bet, if you are lucky enough to win, you will receive 8 times more.
  • Big bet: The player will bet on the result where the card points are greater than 7. These are cards from 8 to K.
  • Small bet: In contrast to a big bet, the player will bet on the result where the card points will be less than 7. The player will win if the bet is on the exact number of points. When the final result is a draw, you must lose 50% of the bet.
  • Suit bet: This is a way to bet if the player thinks the scores are equal. The odds of winning this bet are 1 to 2.
  • Dragon door: If a gamer bets on this door, it means predicting the point where the place you bet has the higher score. When you win, the reward ratio will be 1:1. 
  • Tiger door: Opposite to dragon door and the reward ratio is also 1:1.

Revealing how to play to win big money

No matter what game you play, you must learn from experience to be able to win big rewards. So what is the secret that Dragon Tiger masters often use?

  • Know how to take advantage of opportunities to bet and win. The best time to bet is when the Dealer deals the cards.
  • Observe your opponents’ psychology to understand their status and predict their cards. From there, you can know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents to have your own strategy.
  • Consider carefully before betting.
  • You should only choose the Dragon or Tiger door to bet. Because these two cases are considered safe, limiting the risks of capital loss.
  • Remember the cards that are dealt, you need to remember how many small cards and how many big cards there are.
  • Determine the right time to stop betting. It is strictly forbidden to give up when you lose a lot or when you gain momentum and don’t want to stop.
  • Taking full advantage of promotions is also a way for you to have more betting capital. Helps increase the efficiency of the betting process in the Dragon Tiger game.

Where should you play Dragon Tiger to ensure safety and big wins?

For a long time, Dragon & Tiger has been a popular game and trusted by many people, choosing it for entertainment purposes as well as making money for themselves. But to get the most complete experience, it is important to choose a quality and reputable place to play.

Currently, New88 receives great attention from the betting community. Many outstanding features make Bookmaker New88 Stand out in the market of fake and fraudulent bookmakers. When playing dragon-tiger betting here, gamers do not need to worry about any problems. For these reasons:

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  • Dragon Tiger Game is heavily invested in designing a realistic and friendly interface.
  • High payouts for all bets.
  • Many promotions help gamers have more opportunities to earn big money.

The above shares will help you better understand the trending game Dragon Tiger. Surely you will have a complete experience when choosing New88. More specifically, the opportunity to make millions will come closer to you.