What is an exception draw? Experience playing standard odds in 2024

In the online sports betting market, Draw Odds are emerging as a phenomenon and are sought after by many veteran players. Not as complicated as its name, the tie bet is extremely simple and easy to understand but is still quite new to new players so all information about this type of bet will be provided in the article below. together 69vn!

What is an exception draw?

Draw except or draw without extra time is a type of soccer betting in which players only bet on two outcomes:

  • Win: The team being bet on will win the match during official time
  • Lose: The team on which the bet was placed will lose the match during regular time.

Exceptional draw bets do not take into account draw results during official match time. If the match ends in a draw, the player who bets on the winning team will lose the bet, and the player who bet on the losing team will win the bet.

The trend of players looking for a draw bet is extremely popular in early 2024 when this type of bet often has higher odds than a traditional draw bet because it eliminates the possibility of a draw during the official match time. This type of bet is suitable for players who believe in a team’s ability to win in 90 minutes.

Typical situation for a draw except

Below are some typical situations for draw bets except:

  • The match is balanced: The two teams have similar strengths, contrasting playing styles and both have the goal of winning.
  • The match took place on neutral ground: No team enjoyed home field advantage.
  • The match within the tournament framework is highly competitive: Teams are highly motivated to compete to win.
  • The match had many unexpected factors: Such as bad weather, player injuries, penalty cards, etc.

For example: In a match between Manchester United and Liverpool with initial odds of 1.8 for the Red Devils and 1.70 for Liverpool. If, in this case, the player bets 100,000 VND on Manchester United at a rate of 1.8, the following situations appear:

  • If Manchester United wins against Liverpool in 90 minutes, you will win the bet and receive 180,000 VND (100,000 VND x 1.8).
  • If Liverpool wins against Manchester United in 90 minutes, you will lose your bet and lose 100,000 VND.
  • If the match ends in a draw, you will lose the bet and lose 100,000 VND.

What are the strengths of the draw bet?

After understanding what a negative draw is, players need to understand the strengths of this type of bet to take full advantage of it to bring the highest betting efficiency. Accordingly, the draw bet has the following advantages:

Increase your chances of winning bets

Increased competitiveness by eliminating the possibility of a draw during the 90-minute official match time creates favorable conditions for players to achieve victory. Therefore, this type of bet is suitable for players who have faith in a team’s ability to win within the official 90-minute match time 69 vn.

High and attractive odds

By eliminating the possibility of a tie, betting on an excepted draw will have higher odds than a traditional draw, providing greater profit potential for players.

Extremely easy to understand even for newbies

There are only two betting options: win or lose, convenient for new players. At the same time, it helps them manage betting capital easily and track results effectively.

High liquidity

In today’s vibrant betting market, there are many reputable bookmakers that offer draw odds to help players easily place bets and withdraw money. This brings many options to players and creates a professional and trustworthy environment for betting.

Collection of experiences in playing draw odds except or 2024

For new players or veteran players, in order to be able to effectively bet on draw bets, having good experience is inevitable with the following details:

  • Choosing matches with a difference in class between the two teams is one of the important strategies when betting on soccer. Besides, avoiding matches that are evenly matched or have many unexpected elements is essential to minimize risks and increase the likelihood of achieving positive results.
  • Evaluate recent performance, use confrontation history and starting lineups to learn about the two teams. Research the playing style, strengths and weaknesses of the two teams to choose the team that is likely to win in the next 90 minutes.
  • You should not place all your bets on a single match, but instead, divide your bets and place them on many different matches. You can apply double betting or Martingale betting strategies to increase your chances of winning.

We have shared in detail in the article above what an exceptional draw bet is. It’s easy to see that this is a simple type of bet suitable for all types of players today. Not stopping there, the tie bet is also highly profitable so it promises to become a betting trend in the future.