What is Vibration Odds? All You Need To Know When Joining

Flutter odds are a dramatic form of soccer betting that takes place throughout the match. Let’s go with the brand jun88 Learn more about what shaking bets are, popular types of bets and good tips for you to master the game.

What is shaking odds that is so hot?

What is shake bet? It is considered a type of bet placed while the match is taking place. This is a form of betting football sports Completely different from other types of pre-match bets. The outstanding feature of shaking bets is the continuous change according to the progress of the match, creating drama and surprise for players.

In this bet, the odds and betting options will not be fixed but will fluctuate depending on the situation on the field. This requires players to follow the match closely and be quick in making betting decisions.

What is a shake bet that is only valid for a certain period of time in the match. The bookmaker will lock this bet before important events take place, such as a dangerous attack or a free kick that could lead to a goal. This is to ensure fairness and minimize risks for both players and bookmakers.

How to play vibrating odds?

To place a shake bet while a match is taking place, you need to understand that the way to calculate the over/under bet when the ball rolls is completely different from when the ball has not rolled. Below is an illustrative example to help you understand better:

Suppose the current score is 0 – 1 and the over/under bet is 1.5. This means:

  • If you bet over, the match needs 2 more goals for you to win the bet.
  • If you bet under, the match is only allowed to have 1 additional goal for you to win money.

With shaking odds, it doesn’t matter how many goals the match has or when it took place. The bet only really starts from the moment you place a successful bet. In addition, corner kick bets and penalty card bets are also calculated similarly.

Shaky bets are present on most glossy sites

In the betting market, there are many odds for players, however these are the odds available on most football sites today, compiled according to:

Asian shaking odds

This is a type of handicap bet based on the odds provided by the house. Players bet on the team they believe will win after taking into account the handicap offered by the house. Asian odds often change according to the progress of the match, requiring players to grasp the situation quickly.

Odds shake Over/Under

This type of bet focuses on the total number of goals scored in the match. Players will bet on whether the total number of goals will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the rate prescribed by the house. This rate will fluctuate continuously based on the progress of the match, creating attractiveness for players.

European shaking odds

With this bet, players bet on a team’s win, loss or draw. This type of bet is simple but no less thrilling, as the odds can change immediately depending on the actual situation on the field.
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Bet on shaking penalty cards

This type of shake bet allows players to bet on the total number of penalty cards (including red and yellow cards) drawn during the match. Penalty card betting requires players to closely monitor the players’ behavior and the referee’s decisions to make accurate predictions.

Best tips for playing vibrating odds 2024

Go beyond the usual tips for playing vibrating odds as revealed by other experts and news columnists Jun88 will share with you 5 “unique” tips to increase your winning rate and beat the house:

Exploit odds that few people pay attention to

Look for low-interest bets such as corner kick bets, penalty card bets, and then analyze the odds and choose potential bets with low bets. Apply the “small many times” betting strategy to reduce risks when playing.

Catching the betting trend to follow the “cash flow”

Carefully observe the trend of changing odds and determine which direction the “money flow” is flowing, then bet in the direction of the “money flow” when you see clear signs and a high probability of winning. Be careful and consider carefully before deciding to go against the cash flow to avoid risks.

Apply low fluctuation betting strategy

Only bet on shaking odds when the match has low odds, fluctuating between 0.01 – 0.05. Continuously monitor match developments and place bets quickly when favorable opportunities arise. Cut losses promptly if you find that the bet is not beneficial to preserve capital.

Take advantage of the psychological “push” in the decisive moment

Pay attention to the final minutes of the match, especially within 5 minutes of extra time. Bookmakers often adjust odds at these times to influence player psychology. Calmly analyze and bet against the house bet if you see a high chance of winning. This strategy requires acumen and extensive experience.

Combine shaking bets with pre-match bets

Carefully analyze the pre-match odds to determine the strong and weak teams and then choose the shaking odds to match the pre-match odds to increase betting efficiency. For example, if you chose team A to win the bet before the match, choose to handicap team B when the match takes place to optimize your chances of winning.

Related questions about what shaking odds are

Applying the above tips is still not enough if you want to beat the house. To help you understand better, see the questions asked by amateurs about this bet and the answers from the news section. Jun88:

Which matches should I bet on?

The advice is to choose the shaking bet in matches of medium and large tournaments. These matches often have many unexpected developments, which can sometimes be very beneficial for the player.

Which matches should you not bet on?

  • Avoid matches with teams ranked 3 – 5.
  • Don’t play U23 or younger matches or friendly matches.
  • Avoid matches of small teams with few followers.

What factors need to be considered in shaking bets?

The factors you need to consider in shaking bets are: Confrontation history and match commentary are information that should be reviewed before placing a bet. You should choose matches with a handicap of 0.75, 0.5 or 0.25.

When should you bet on tremors?

  • For treble bets: For tremor bets, start at the beginning of the 1st and 2nd half of the match. This is the time when both teams are most energetic and focused on the match.
  • Handicap: Wait until the end of the round to set the handicap.
  • First half odds: Based on confrontation history and match assessment to make a decision. The information will usually be displayed by the house on the match,
  • Second half odds: If you don’t see any suitable matches to bet on in the first half, you should bet on the second half right away.


To be successful with shake betting, you need to quickly grasp the game’s developments, apply effective strategies and always maintain alertness. Participate in betting responsibly and enjoy thrilling and exciting moments with shaking odds.